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Mojave Desert

Mojave desert landscape


Source: Southern Nevada — Mojave Desert » National Wildlife Refuge Association

Mojave Desert, Help Us Protect 

More than 260 types of birds have been recorded in Desert National Wildlife Refuge alone, but winged wildlife is not the focus of this 1.6-million-acre refuge. Desert bighorn sheep are the star attractions; about 1,000 of these imperiled animals live here. The refuge also provides important habitat for desert tortoise, a federally endangered species

More than 7 million acres of public lands are found in this region, including national parks, national forests, state lands and Desert National Wildlife Refuge Complex. This complex consists of four national wildlife refuges: Desert refuge, the largest refuge in the lower 48 states and home of desert bighorn sheep and desert tortoise; Pahranagat refuge, site of a unique wetland complex; Moapa Valley refuge, source of springs that feed the headwaters of the Muddy River; and Ash Meadows refuge, home of tiny endangered desert fish. Read more…

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