Gold Butte mine marker removal and Little Finland photo campout

April 1, 2017 @ 7:30 am – April 2, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
Gold Butte
Doug Chang



Example of a mine marker!!!





An April Fool’s Day campout sounds like fun around Little Finland.  Maybe we can think of pranks to pull around a campfire.

On the first day, we might bird Red Bluff Spring before going to Little Finland. Both sites are down Mud Wash Road, but the spring is a mile or two past the turnoff to Little Finland, so it won’t add many miles to the drive. We could bird Red Rock Spring too, which is also in that area.

There is one bad spot on Little Finland Road, so depending on the vehicles, everyone might not be able to drive all the way in. In that case, we can camp farther down the wash and hike or haul extra passengers up to the end of Little Finland Road.

As for camping, we should have warm, dry weather. Everyone should bring their own gear, but blankets and jackets should be good enough. Liz and I have extra gear, so we could loan things if that would make a difference. We should also bring our own food, but I have a 2-burner stove and pots that we can share. If all of the vehicles can get into Little Finland, we will have a broad sandy area to set up camp with good views of the sky. People like to photograph Little Finland in evening light, so that will be good too.

The second day we can do a one-way birding hike down several miles of Paradise Valley to look for hard-to-see metal mining claim markers.

The hike on the second day will be mostly downhill and about 5-6 miles in length. We can drive all of the vehicles to the starting point, and then Liz will drive one (big enough to carry all of the drivers) back to the end point. I imagine someone will be willing to let Liz drive their vehicle for this purpose.

Jim Boone & Liz LaRue

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