Global Big Day 2017

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On May 13, 2017, several RRAS members took part in the 2017 Global Big Day.  In this event, individuals and teams have a 24 hour window to identify as many species of birds as they can, adhering to American Birding Association rules.  Participants then submit their results to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s eBird database.

2017’s Global Big Day was pretty big with almost 20,000 birders from 150 countries.  More than 50,000 checklists were contributed containing a massive species total of 6,564.  The country listing the most species?  Colombia, which reported 1,486 species, winning the top spot for the first time.

In North America a total of 1,579 species were reported and in the Lower 48 there were 650.

Locally, our club was well represented in the Lower 48 by two teams and four individuals.  RRAS interclub competition was fierce but friendly.  The Lame Ducks (Brandon Miller, Jason Pietrzak and Ben Zyla) placed 26th, 27th and 29th, respectively.  They completed 19, 19 and 18 checklists recording 145, 144 and 143 species.  Just missing the Top 100 list was Team Gamblin’ Quails (Justin Streit, Angel Poe and Paul Rodriguez) whose members placed 121st, 126th and 119th, respectively.  Each of them completed 15 checklists recording 121, 120 and 121 species.  No doubt these friendly rivals will compete again next year.

Club members that enjoyed Global Big Day 2017 without joining a team were Rita Schlageter, Karen McDonal, Neil McDonal and Doug Chang.

The weather was perfect and everyone enjoyed their time in the great outdoors whether with teammates, friends or alone.  From Overton to Corn Creek to Lake Mead , Mount Charleston and Floyd Lamb Park and Sunset Park, to name a few, Clark County provided all with spectacular viewing opportunities.

To celebrate the occasion, Doug and Nancy Chang hosted a get together in their home on May 17th so all participants could share their great experiences and receive a well deserved pat on the back.   Team Lame Duck was awarded the Perky Pelican award for their achievements.  They will hold their place of honor as RRAS’s number one Global Big Day team until the next event in 2018.  Mark your calendar for the second Saturday in May and gear up for a fun day.

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