Rainbow Owl Preserve

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Red Rock Audubon Society is very happy to partner with a private landowner and the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service to create and maintain a burrowing owl habitat near Gilcrease Orchard.

A private citizen wanted to save the land from residential development as burrowing owls had two natural burrows on the property that they were using for years to raise their young.  He bought the property and had it set aside for conservation purposes.  In September 2016, the 4-acre property was fenced in and cleaned of trash and debris. Two clusters of artificial burrows were installed in February 2017, thanks to many volunteers.

More recently, Red Rock Audubon volunteers and fans of the burrowing owl participated in a clean up/improvement event.  Weeds and old construction materials and general debris were removed.

The Preserve still needs more work to improve the habitat of the owls and other wildlife that make their homes there.  In November, Red Rock Audubon and Fish and Wildlife volunteers will plant native plants.

If you wish to join us, please contact Red Rock Audubon through our website, www.redrockaudubon.com.

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