Springs Preserve Teaching Garden

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Doug and Nancy Chang attended the opening of the new Springs Preserve Teaching Garden on Tuesday, May 16th.  Member Cindy Dixon, who works at Springs Preserve, showed them around and introduced them to a few of her young students who planted some of the beds.

Growing a garden in our climate can be a challenge and even more of a challenge when it comes to planting vegetables.  A healthy garden provides an attractive habitat for birds.  The Teaching Garden presents many options for success.

Raised beds are a great option.  They are easy to construct and irrigate using a number of materials, like pressure treated lumber or blocks.  You can build a cage over your bed to hang netting for shade or to keep out critters.

Containers both large and small work well.  Larger ones can hold a number of plants.  Smaller ones can be used more decoratively but still produce food.

You can even plant vegetables in with your other landscape plants.  There are beautiful and impressive plants like kales and melons that provide variety and good eats.

The Springs Preserve Teaching Garden is not open to the general public but can be viewed from the path near the cactus garden.  Now that the Red Rock Audubon Society’s scheduled meetings will take place the second Saturday of the month, starting in September, members should take the opportunity to explore Springs Preserve.  Cindy Dixon will let us know when a tour is scheduled.  Keep checking the Red Rock Audubon Society website!

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