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Red Rock Audubon Society's Mission

“The mission of Red Rock Audubon society is to promote the enjoyment and protection of birds and other wildlife though recreation, education, conservation and habitat enhancement in southern Nevada and adjacent areas.”

“We envision environments of southern Nevada and adjacent areas that contain the full complement of native birds and other wildlife, and communities that enjoy, respect, and care for these natural resources.”

A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.

~ John James Audubon

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About Red Rock Audubon Society

The Red Rock Audubon Society is a chapter of the National Audubon Society. The chapter was formed in 1976 and is actively involved in communities across southern Nevada. As a local Audubon organization, we are dedicated to the conservation of habitat for birds and other wildlife across southern Nevada. Red Rock Audubon Society conducts field trips, habitat restoration projects, education programs, workshops and monthly general membership meetings. All activities are open to the general public.

Important Announcements!

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Upcoming Events


Birds & Beer

Birds and Beers is a social gathering for anyone interested in birds. Meet people who share an interest in the outdoors and nature, and are sociable enough to step away from their computers to have a pint.

Food will be available from the Son of a Pig food truck parked outside the brewery.

Hope to see you there. More info on our Facebook Events page.

Tues. – May 10, 2018


Lovelady Brewing Co.
20 South Water Street
Henderson, Nevada 89015
Tel: 702-564-3030

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RRAS Board Members


    • President: Douglas Chang
    • Vice-President/Programs Chair: Jennifer Dudek & Carol Cantino
    • Treasurer: Charles Stegner
    • Secretary: Jennifer Mercadante

Committee Chairs & Directors

    • Membership Chair: Cathy Kozmary
    • Communication Chair: Paul Rodriguez
    • Conservation Chair-Press Liaison: John Hiatt
    • Youth Birding Leader : Angel Poe
    • Field Trip Chair: Andrea Wirth
    • Whittell Fund Rep: John Hiatt
    • Hospitality Co Chair-Las Vegas: Mary Switalla
    • Hospitality Co Chair-Pahrump: Carol Cantino
    • Director at Large-Burrowing Owl PM: Richard Cantino
    • Director at Large-RRAS Phone: Rita Schlageter
    • Director at Large-Sanctuary: Jim Switalla